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Night Blindness and missing the color of yellow

My name is Hank and I have been having a problem with night blindness. Lately I have realized I can no longer see the color of yellow at night. I am severly near sighted and I have also had surgery on my vision center when I was 27. As I drive home in the mornings now I realize I cannot see the yellow line in the middle of the road and only rely on the white lines on the side of the road. Any one know the cause of my missing yellow color?

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Re: Night Blindness and missing the color of yellow

I try not to go out much in the night time due to not being able to see much at all. I am completely color blind (NO Colors) as of the last couple years. I used to be able to see them, but my eye condition Toxoplasmosis has done so much damage to my retina and optic nerves causing this problem with me.

Re:Night Blindness and missing the color of yellow

could it be RP? my husband was recently diagnosed and RP causes complete night blindness, not sure about the color yellow tho

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