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Night vision loss in one eye

I have been having eye pain for 2 day in my left eye - which is my affected side.

Then last night I was reading my phone in the dark and I noticed that I was closing my left eye. I do this alot I think to make things less blurry and double. Anyways, when I opened it the screen was WAY brighter. I closed my right eye and the screen was like looking at a light bulb - it hurt to look at it and I couldn't read anything. When I closed my left eye it became way dimmer and looked about right to read.

I thought that weird but kept reading. Then I turned it off to go to sleep. I immediately felt like I had closed my right eye. It was totally black! I kind of freaked out and actually checked if my eye was closed (it was not). I worried about maybe actually having lose sight in my right eye. I got up to go look in the light.

In the light it still looked all foggy for awhile. When I got to the bathroom I looked in the mirror through my left eye and I was kind of normal/greenish looking. Then I looked through my right eye and it was as if I had a red filter over my eye.

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Re: Night vision loss in one eye

I havent had night vision in 40 years. I would love to have it in at least one eye! :)

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Re: Night vision loss in one eye

While you shouldn't take this in any way to be a professional opinion, I'm sort of going through the same thing. I can see better through my right eye than my left, and I have strange colored filters too. A large dark red one in my left and a brighter blue one in my left. It's like wearing 3D glasses all the time.
When I brought this up with my optomatrist he said it might be some kowagulated fluid in my eye distorting light. As far as I can tell it hasn't gotten worse, and my eye has been like this my entire life. Maybe that's what is going with you? I don't know really, but I hope I helped at least a little.

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