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no one online

Hi Everyone,
My name is aAbby. I've noticed that no one is online anymore. I posted a couple days ago and no one else has replied to my post. I was looking at previous posts that members have written and there were a lot of posts and replies in previous years. Where did everyone go? Is there anyone to chat with on here? I miss chatting away on here with awesome people!
Write back soon
Sorry if this comes out weird my screen reader sucks.

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Re: no one online

I'll hang in there. Thanks for replying. I don't feel comfortable emailing you. Not yet. How have you been?

Re: no one online

hang in there Abby. I've noticed this site ebbs/flows like the tide.
Maybe you'd have better luck on the water cooler board.
But I will keep chatting with you here when I have time.
another method if you are comfortable, is you could email me. it's my screen name here at
it's hooked into my phone so i'd probably respond a bit faster.

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