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now what?

I know you guys probably get this question asked a lot, but now what? I've had 2 out patient surgeries and 1 laser treatment in my right eye to fix a retinal detachment. I currently have oil in it and it will actually be taken out on Wednesday. The Dr. said there is a 1:3 re-detachment rate. But I mean, now what? Dr. says that things look well, but with 1/3rd detachment rate, where do I go from there? I'll always have to keep in mind that it may detach...

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Re:now what?

Retinal Detachment surgery pretty much destroyed
one of my eyes. Maybe it would have continued to
fade on its own, but slower. Anyway, I still have one
good eye. Thank God. However, I have certainly
thought about what I would do if my good eye
goes also. I don't think the surgical techniques that
exist can really repair the damage once it detaches.
So you hope your good eye stays attached, if you
are in my position.

If both of my eyes were legally blind, but not completely blind, say around 20/400, I guess I would get some of
the telescophic glasses that low-vision places offer
And at least within my house, I could operate somewhat

My bad eye has severe distortion of two forms as well
as low acuity.

Re:now what?

I think that comment was in reference to Rachel N, whose post was kind-of rude. Technically, you can say that to anyone on here...but isn't the whole point of these forums to help people? Hmm...

Re:now what?

thats not what i was saying. i was sayin i understand and am here to listen :)
hope your having a great day and have a merry christmas

Re:now what?

I came with hopes of some sort of support not to be told to suck it up...yeah that can help in ways, but I have just started dealing with this, am scared sh*tless and have not many people to turn to. I will look through the site and see about contacting some other resources. Thank you all very much.

Re:now what?

ahh yeah i just had a cataract surgery to!! that kind of surgery isnt bad at all, didnt hurt at all compared to retina surgery stuff so thats always a good thing! dont worry about the cataract, those are easy to fix :)
and i guess we have to just accept it, the vision loss and stuff and move on, i know this is very very hard to do, i am in my first year of college and being on my own im realizing how bad my vision really is and its shocking and eye-opening so to speak. but friends can help!! :) talking about it can help, im always here to listen :)

Re:now what?

Have you looked into what services are available in your area? There is a directory of services on

There is a whole adjustment process and coping. You should talk to your local services and a counselor. The adjustment process can be tough, but getting adjusted, developing blindness skills, and such can help you get back that independence. Being visually impaired does not end your life, it just changes it. You may have to reevaluate, but check on (CareerConnect). There are tons of Success Stories that show how people have succeeded, there are also mentors who are blind and visually impaired (in many fields) that can be contacted.

I suggest you speak to them about what types of services are available. They can be extremely helpful.

Any training program is what you make out of it.

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:now what?

Now, deal with it, and move on. Stop complaining. yes, these are your eyes and so what? It would be worse if it's the legs. Stop moaning and get to adapting!

Re:now what?

Thanks! I am 26. So not that much older. I had the oil removed today and the Dr. found a cataract, in which I need a follow up on. I think the hardest part is all of the waiting and wondering what can happen? I mean if you have something wrong with your leg, you can work through it, but I mean, these are our eyes we're talking about...

Re:now what?

dont worry about it! ive had the same problem, retinal detachment with the oil bubble surgery, but for me it did detach ive had 8 other surgeries but im only 19 and it started when i was 17 and the surgery with the oil has an extremly low sucess rate on people my age, so if your older than i am you should have no problem! :) just dont worry about it! keep living your life and soon you wont even think about it :)

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