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ONH diagnosis

Hey there, my 3 month old son was diagnosed with optic nerve Hypoplasia yesterday and I know very little about this diagnosis other than what I've gathered on Google. We are scheduled for an MRI in a couple weeks and were told his vision could be nothing to almost normal. I am curious how often people diagnosed with ONH are able to see? Does is necessarily equal blindness? I haven't been able to find any information about people with positive outcomes after this diagnosis and am curious if there are any! Thanks for any input :)

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Re: ONH diagnosis

That diagnosis does not necessarily mean total blindness, although generally speaking that condition does not cause further vision loss.

When you say a postive outcome, what do you mean by that? The condition is generally fairly stable, which means it doesn't usually change. If he gets sufficient training for his vision loss (whether total or partial), he can easily have a postive outcome.

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