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ONH Stem Cell Therepy

Hello, my name is Stan Griffith and I am new to this site but have been legally blind since birth. I believe my condition to be Optic Nerve Hypoplasia. I understand that great strides have been made with ambilical cord stem cell therepy in China. From what I have been able to find out, it seems that children are the best candidates for this therepy. Does anyone out there know if older people can benefit from this treatment? I am over 50 and trying to determine if this would help me. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Re:ONH Stem Cell Therepy

I am currently looking into going to China for my 14 month old daughter. Depending on your level of blindness, the stem cell may increase your vision, however, the trouble comes with your brain interpretting what your seeing. The older you are the less likely you will interpret. You will see two faces but not be able to distinguish which is your brother's face and which is your dad's face just by looking at them. To see a tree and know that is what you are looking at. Talking with doctors here in Michigan, age 5, age 8 at the oldest is the cut off for restoring functional sight. I'm not saying that the stem cells won't work, they will mst likely increase your vision, my concern comes in at the point of will the increased vision be functional vision?

Re:ONH Stem Cell Therepy

I have contacted a rep from StemcellsChina and they have quoted me a price for the treatment at $17k-$35k. If I can get the cash to go then I will definitely go as there is no other risk besides waiting two years without anything happening. I am 29 and am also interested in getting this done.

Re:ONH Stem Cell Therepy

I know of a 40+ year old woman who went to China for treatment. You can find her blog at You can get in touch with her through this Yahoo ONH discussion group:

Re:ONH Stem Cell Therepy

I too am interested in stem cell implant, which is the only thing that would restore my vision in my left eye which was lost as a result of an ischemic CRVO that started two years ago getting progressively worse. At this time I can see out of my right eye, but I just recently learned that the blood circulation in my right eye has some atherosclerotic changes that could cause problems in my good eye, so I am on blood thinners. If so I too will become legally blind. I am having a difficult time even contemplating do you deal with it? Thanks.
Ray J.

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