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Operating of ATM Card, Credit Card, Debit Card

This topic is being very often discussed among my friends about using ATM Card, Credit Card, Debit Card independently. Does visually impaired use these cards independently ? It is argued many times. Use of dabit card & credit card is not advisable for we people especially when we are alone going to shop. How do we come to know the card return to us after swipe it is ours ?

So I need suggestion & opinion on this topic .

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Re: Operating of ATM Card, Credit Card, Debit Card

I use a debit card for everything and pay my bills through online banking. I cant recall the last time I touched money.

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Re: Operating of ATM Card, Credit Card, Debit Card

People who can see run the risk of having somebody steal their credit or debit card number too. If you use your card at places such as gas stations where such risk is high, you too can have your number stolen. Most credit card companies will not charge you if you call them up within 24 hours of a charge you did not make. So, if you have a credit card or debit card and are blind, please have some way to find out what is charged to it such as checking your card statement online. This is why access to online banking and credit card statements is so vital for blind folks.

Re: Operating of ATM Card, Credit Card, Debit Card

One method you can use is to mark your card somehow (cut off a corner, put a braille label on it). However, it is difficult to know if someone is charging you the correct amount, since it is usually displayed on a screen. Additionally, you don't know if they are swiping the card through a reader to steal your number.

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