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Other sources of beauty than visual

What sort of things do blind folks find beautiful to touch? hard, soft, rough, smooth, hot, cold... I know it is very individual, of course, just as the sighted find different colours and shapes beautiful, and it probably depends on whether the individual could see once or not. Also, what sort of things sound beautiful? - besides of course your favourite music and the voice of someone you love!
The background to my question is twofold: I recently had a discussion with a friend of mine who wondered what the point is of blind people travelling to exotic parts of the world when they can't see the things, and I replied, who are we sighted people to judge what they should find beautiful or not, I'm sure there are other sources of beauty than seeing. For example, in the Swiss Alps on a foggy day I clapped my hands and rather enjoyed the sound of the echo, especially as it changed in different directions. - Also, I once showed a Russian fur hat to a fellow student, who was blind, thinking she would like the softness of it, but she was unimpressed, she felt it and said: "What is this shapeless thing?"

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Re: Other sources of beauty than visual

Beauty is in the sense ,of hearing, Touch, Smell & Taste of the beholder. :)


Re:Other sources of beauty than visual

I personnally think the sound of music produced by yourself is the most beautiful thing. Why not learn to play violin? You just listen to the sound produced by yourself, if not satisfied, do more practice. I believe you will be satisfied by the your own sound one day. And then do your best to make others satisfied by your music. It's so beautiful!

Re:Other sources of beauty than visual

I have been blind my entire life. We like the same things as sighted people. I mean look right here. You see what I have accomplished, right?

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