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Packing for a move tips needed

I have a patient with low vision who is getting ready to move, and I am looking for tips to share with her to make packing and unpacking easier. I have low vision myself, so I have my own tips, but I would like other tips to share. Thanks!

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Re:Packing for a move tips needed

Hi davis--

I'm a little late getting here but I just joinned the site. :|

I put velcro dots on my boxes--the hard dots went in the kitchen and the soft ones went to the bedrooms.

I marked the ones going to the bathrooms with a piece of sandpaper. I already had tape in my hand anyway to tape the boxes shut. I just put a piece of tape on each end of the sand paper so I could feel it.

Of course I could feel which boxes held the books. LOL

Good Luck and Happy Moving! :)

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