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participate in a research

I am conducting a research about the dream experiences of congenitally blind people as part of my undergraduate study at a college. I would like to interview a few people who are congenitally blind. Please email me to if you know somebody who would be interested in giving an interview to me. Thank you!

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Re:participate in a research

Retisert Alert!! Retisert Alert!!
Posted by CharlesW on 07/05/2009

If you have uveitis you will probily be ask to concider having an implant put in your eye to combat the inflammation in your eye. This is an Alert to all people who suffer with uveitis, If you are concidering the product "Retisert Implant made by Bausch & Lomb & pSivida" contact us at: first before you make your decision, your vision depends on it..
Thank You
C Williams

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