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Our adult son, who is legally blind, applied for a passport. He took his notarized birth certificate, state issued ID with photo, and social security card to the Post Office. He was told that he did not have enough identification, since he did not have a driver's license. We told them that he is legally blind, but they said that did not matter. He is being required to submit numerous documents in order to obtain a passport. Hopefully he will get one since we have paid for a vacation to Mexico in a few months.
Has anyone else had this happen to them? Is seems a bit discriminatory to me. Not sure what agency we would need to contact to correct this.

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Re: Passport

When I lived in Massachusetts I got an ID from the Mass Commission for the Blind and used that with a State ID. You should see if something like that is available in your state.

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Re: Passport

.When I got my passport, I took it to my lawyer and he wrote an letter stating I am who I say I am. He filled out my papers and if I recall he signed my photo on the back to verify it was me, the name on the application. I believe to, a school official can do it, a priest, your doctor , anyone that has known you for number of years. Then for piece of mind, report the post office to the human rights board. You can also get a passport asap by going to Toronto if you live close by. They have a passport office there, and other major towns in canada too.

Re: Passport

That seems rather bizarre.... how do they expect someone who is 15 to get a passport, since they can't legally get a license?

I'm not sure which agency you would have to contact, but it would probably have to be someone from the Federal government. We had the same issue in Canada for a bit, but we recently got non-driver ID cards.

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