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Hi Everybody! If you want to communicate a 24 years old hungarian blind girl just come on:)) I like watching sport reading listening music, i would like to write in braille and if is it possible because i would like to practice my knowledge my pal to be women and 15-40. Well nice day Ancsa

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I am always looking for pen pals If you would like to be my pen pal my email address is



This program is designed so a sighted person can correspond with a blind person. It works like this:

The sighted person write a letter on print to the blind person
That letter arrives at our office and we transcribe it to Braille
We send the Braille letter to the blind person
The blind person answer back in Braille
That Braille letter arrives at our office where we’ll transcribe it to print
We send the print letter to the sighted person
And this goes on and on as long as they want.
For more info e-mail me:


hi l am Prince 21years from Ghana west Africa, l would be very glad to have any body as a friend thank you my email is and postal address is;
Kyeremeh Prince C/O Philomina Kyeremaa
box 30 Techiman B/A Ghana W/A.


Well i try and try and i don't give up. Well a 25 years old always smiling hungarian blind girl would like to find people who want and write in braille. I don't know why, but i like this form better, because it is more personal, than email. And i would like to know new cultures, and new lifes, and i like only talking.
Well my age between 15-50 but not problem when you younger or older. I think we can share our experiences to each other.
If you want, just write at:

And let's begina good friendship. I like watching sport reading listening music, laughing, just knowing ndw people. or just relaxing. Byee and keep miling, and i wait for the answers.... Ancsa

Hi Everybody!Re:Penpal:))

Well i'm a 25 years old hungarian totally blind girl. I like watching sport reading listening music, just talking knowing new people.
I would like to find people who want and like writting in braille because i would like to practice my knowledge.
Well if you want just write me at

The age between 15-50 female and male are booth welcomed. Byee nice days to you.

Niccy! Please write your emailaddress, and i will write to you if it is actual yet. Ancsa


hi! this is rupa from india. i m 16 `n wud lik to be one of ur friends. i ll be glad if u wish to make friend with me. u can mail me if u can, to


I will also would like to be one of your friend. I am Glorybeth from Philippines, a social work student.


Hi Nicci! If you want you can write at and we can communicate there but imailbox is open everybody if they want to write in braille Ancsa


i will if u want me to. i would like to know more.

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