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people and asking questions about blindness

I was just thinking of this subjecct today. How do you guys react to questions people ask like theese:
What's wrong with your eyes?
Why do you have your eyes closed most of the time?
What do you see? Black? White?
I react in many different ways. How do you react?

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Re:people and asking questions about blindness

I think one of the main reasons why people would normally ask those questions is because they are currious to learn more about people who are blind. Do not give them answers out of anger. Just be patient and explain as best you can.

Re:people and asking questions about blindness

have they ever asked you dumb questions?

Re:people and asking questions about blindness

because most times we are... I also got asked why our heads are always a little back.

Yeah, My sited friends is confronted with that. I just haven't interfeered with her response. It's her experiences, and her learning process, why should I interfeer. She has done pretty well, so...

I just say why and explain why. Most times they are so involved we spend a long time talking. People love it, when I put there hands to work. I let them see my braillenote and all. My favorite response was when I let this little girl feel my braillenote when it was playing a song the four dots on the display goes to the next cell, and they would scream everytime it moved. Hey, yes, it gets annoying, but they are ten or eleven, so what can you do? If I have a braillebook on hand I let them see it, and explain the volume system. I also lead them through the braille pictures.

Re:people and asking questions about blindness

But why do people think we have our eyes closed? That's what I don't understand.

Re:people and asking questions about blindness

I'm not blind, but as someone who works with the blind, I do have to ask those sorts of questions, to find out what I can do to help.

Most people react reasonably well, since they know why I need to ask, but some people get really defensive about it. I also find that some people get really embarrassed because they may not have a good idea what their vision loss is.

Re:people and asking questions about blindness

I'm sighted, so I don't get questions about me, but it's surprising how many people come up to me (like around school-- or even outside school if they know I have a blind boyfriend) to ask that sort of question. I think the strangest one I have ever gotten was "You're dating the blind guy! I have a question... does he have eyes? because, you know it's hard to tell with how they're always closed, you know" I was just like "yes he has eyes, they're blue"...
But in general, most people who come up to ask me questions are people who are genuinely curious, but afraid of insulting my boyfriend, so mostly they're very polite. Later he and I will often laugh over some of the sillier questions we both get.

Re:people and asking questions about blindness

hey! i react in many different ways, it depends on there tone of voice that they use when they ask, like if there being rude and/or mean i will either ignore them or give them some dumb answer, if there gonna be rude about it its none of there buisness. if its someone i know or a friend then i might say "had surgery" or something. how so you react?

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