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People Behviour

I wanna ask About People behavior change after Blindness. one of my friend had a bad accident people change towards them. its really feel bad when Know about him people treating Him like this


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Re: People Behviour

Here are the words that describe personal behavior:

The following words describe behavior that is more personal in nature. The behavior is not affected very much by the company or situation.

* Active: always busy with something
* Ambitious: strongly wants to succeed
* Assertive: being outgoing and confident
* Careless: not being careful; rushing into things
* Cautious: being very careful
* Conceited: thinks he is better than others; arrogant
* Conscientious: taking time to do things right
* Creative: someone who can make up things easily or think of new things
* Curious: always wanting to know things
* Docile: submissive, does what he is told
* Extroverted: very outgoing; confident
* Impulsive: saying or doing things without thinking first
* Introverted: keeps to himself, doesn?t share thoughts and feelings
* Inventive: thinks of new ideas
* Nervous: very uncomfortable
* Passive: does not argue; does as he is told
*Perfectionist: wants everything to be done right and perfectly
Pragmatic always sees the practical side of things
* Reserved: keeps thoughts and feelings to himself
* Serious: no-nonsense kind of behavior
* Shy: quite and reserved; lacking in confidence
* Trustworthy: simply worthy of someone?s trust
* Volatile: changing moods very quickly

Re: People Behavior

Thank you for posting, it sounds like you're a great friend to your friend! Several people have given good advice.

There are lots of reasons why you might be noticing differences in the way people are treating your friend. People might just be uncomfortable around someone who is different. The more time they spend with him, the more they'll realize he's just a person and they'll get over it. In some cases, it might be partly in the behavior of your friend-- sometimes, especially when someone has recently lost vision, they feel and maybe act helpless. The more indipendent he can be, the more at ease people around them will be.

And, like someone else said, some people are just to be avoided. I hope none of your friend's friends are in that category.

Re: People Behviour

Most people ignore me because I'm blind or stare at me in public since they have never seen a blind person before. I've been blind all my life. Try to be yourself even though your friend is blind. Self advocacy and venting to someone else really helps. Hope this helps.
Good luck!

how others behave

I know Vietnam War vets who said they immediately felt they had been demoted to second class citizen status when they were blinded in the sixties and seventies in that war.
Unfortunately, part of being blind is handling the sometimes unattractive social aspects. Being blind also means getting a peek into how people really are. The good ones are attracted to me in attractive social ways. The annoying ones get, well, more annoying since they can fixate on my blindness and ignore the rest of me.
Learning to duck such people is something your newly blind friend will master. He will probably also get better at judging people and get over the sadness we all feel when we encounter those people who behave poorly.
I have a few truly wonderful sighted friends. They make it easier to ignore or duck out of the way of the less attractive members of the population.
The best thing to do for your newly blinded friend may be to be a good friend and cheerful. Let the sadness pass and make room for wonderful folks to be attracted to you both.

Re: People Behviour

I lost the remainder of my low vision two years ago. I did notice that people treated me differently too. What specifically do you want to know about? In general, I would say that your friend needs to show the people around him that he is still the same on the inside even if he can't see. If your friend could get to the point where he is ready to learn some independence skills, and confidence this will be easier. It helps to advocate for what you need. Being able to explain this to friends and family will put everyone at ease. I found that it also helped me to get my feelings out. Maybe it would help your friend to talk to someone, or if he like me doesn't like that, then at least finding some way to vent will help. I'm not an expert or anything, but I hope this helps. I think it's really cool of you to do this for your friend. Good luck!

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