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Please help

I went for a normal visit to my optician I have to go every 4 months because my eyes have been bad since I was 13 but as soon as he started the eye test and covered my left eye he told me there was something wrong with the right my vision has always been terrible but this was different I could not focus or read any of the letters with my right eye. So he started asking me if there had been any trama to it or any kind of infection which I now understand after stumbIeing on to this site but I have had nothing like this and nothing has happened to me so now i'm freaking out I have to go see a speacialist but any advice anyone out there has would really help
thank you

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Re:Please help

Don't panic. Go to each eye appointment promptly, and follow up right away with any specialists who will see you. Some eye problems can be corrected, and some can be stopped in their tracks, but the quicker they diagnose your condition and the quicker they observe symptoms, the more likely it is that they can do something. I know it's scary, but there are tens of thousands of visually impaired people who are, at least in principle, rooting for you. You can get through this, I promise.

Re:Please help

I'm sorry, but I just can't imagenhaving any kind of vission

Re:Please help

Hik iam sure that your vissione will come back to you and if knot it will be ok after a while iam legally blind sorry if this knot helping very much Paulina

Re:Please help

Hi, because they can't find a cause there passing between 3 different people they think have told me it could just be a natural course my eyes are taking and there might not be any reason but n the other hand they still think it could be something to do with the blood disease i have b12 but i have never meet anyone with this who has started to go blind.
As you can see i'm no futher forward

Re:Please help

have you seen a specialist yet .What type of specialist are they sending you to.

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