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Possible cone Dystrophy anyone have this?

So being me I do a lot of research on things because they still don't know what is causing my eye issues according to them I shouldn't be having as much problems as I am. My ERG test showed abnormal cone function and normal rod function. I have all the symptoms of cone dystrophy. I am wondering if anyone has this and how long did it take to get diagnosed and how did they talk to their doctors.

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Re: Possible cone Dystrophy anyone have this?

I got my ERG results back a couple of months ago and it appears that I have abnormal Cone responsiveness. But as of right now I have no peripheral vision in my right or better eye. My left really has no correctable vision. How is your son doing with the diagnosis.

Re: Possible cone Dystrophy anyone have this?

We were diagnosed in about a month from our son's eye exam. We had a eye doctor that was proactive in getting us to see a retinal specialist. Our erg was done in atlanta and sent to our doctor. I son eyesight has gotten worse since his diagnosis a few weeks ago. I too am looking at all the research I can.

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