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Potty traing a blind child

My grandson is 4 years old and blind and cant walk. How do we potty train him?

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Re:Potty traing a blind child

my 7yr blind son with no speech refuses to do pottysitting on the toilet seat,how hard i try.does pee but no potty.can u help

Re:Potty traing a blind child

Why can't he walk? He should be walking by now. Can he at least crawl to the bathroom? I would put a handle or something tactile on the door or doorway next to the bathroom so that he can differentiate between the bathroom and the other rooms. Teach him to feel his way to the toilet, the location of the toilet paper and sink and go from there.

Re:Potty traing a blind child

why cant he walk? my daughter is also blind she is 10 and didn't start actually walking until around 7 they tell me that's normal for her age..

Re:Potty traing a blind child

Kids do love playing thats for sure.

Re:Potty traing a blind child

Potty training for a blind child should be very similar than potty training a child who can see. You will most likely have to teach them to feel the toilet and what it's like to sit on it. Children often need to decide the toilet is a special place if they are going to use it, perhaps having something special at the toilet, a particular toy they can play with when on the toilet, or a special soap they get to use after getting of the toilet.

Most kids show signs of readiness to potty train, between ages of 2 and 3, but sometimes it is later. I myself was not completely potty trained until the age of 9. Some of the most obvious clues that a child is ready to start using the toilet are: staying dry for at least an hour or more, having regular bowl movements and, being uncomfortable with dirty diapers and wanting to be changed. It's important that you can tell when they are about to urinate or poo, for that you are able to lead or bring them to the toilet. Explain to the child repeatedly what they are doing on the toilet, and what they should be trying to do. Make it fun, if there is one thing all kids have in common, they all like to play.

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