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Psychological Effects of Blindness

I am visually impaired and seeing a therapist. The therapist dose nto know anything about vision loss? I'm giving them the benefit of the doutbt, but how they provide counseling if they do not fully understand what I am dealing with? Are there any books or articles I can read? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you

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yeah, noRe:Psychological Effects of Blindness

yeah, no problem.

Re:Psychological Effects of Blindness

Thank you for your comments.

Re:Psychological Effects of Blindness

yeah, that's difficult, you just need someone who understands. I often like pere to pere support because we know what the hell is happening and how you feel. I might be 18 and a little ignorant of psychology and yet I study it but I am only starting, but I sure know what being blind feels like. but I am not very experienced but I'll be willing to hear you out and give some tips. I am also very much in to the idea of blind mentoring. find someone older and more experience and have them show you how to live life better. if i can, I can try to help with that too. but also, some sited people will listen and you've got to find the better ones, mostly folks who's been through a lot themselves and is willing to hear you out and support you that way. I met a guy here after dealing with just about all the jerks you can find, and he seems to want to listen. and, he's sited, so it's not all hopeless. I also found another girl in a coffee shop she works at starbucks but after I gave her a demonstration of some of the blind stuff andread her the brailled starbucks gift card she was inspired to work with blind people so I refered her to the school for the blind. there's people out there and you just have to explain a little more and they will understand. They might not be able to give major tips but they will console you and do there best to be there. Major tips will have to come from the few useful blind counselors and mentors.

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