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Pull the plug because of blindness?

My dad had a light stroke in his late 60s.
The only damage was the loss of vision.
Speech, movement and thought processes were NOT affected.
The doctor advised mom to pull the plug so she wouldn't have to deal with his blindness.
I did not think that was a valid reason.

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Re: Pull the plug because of blindness?

I've worked with many clients who had strokes that caused vision loss, and they were able to continue living meaningful lives afterwards. However, being on life support indicates there is something else going on. For someone to be on life support, they would have to be critically ill or something else major going on.

Re: Pull the plug because of blindness?

that doesn't make any sense.
first off, if a doctor ever advised such a thing, then he/she should have there license revoked.
but beyond that, pulling the plug indicates he was on life support. meaning there was a heck of a lot more going on than vision loss. If there were truly no motor/cerebral impacts, then I don't really get the question because life support wouldn't be required.

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