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Q: Internet resources for dating/sex that are blind-oriented?

Yes, I know of one. They have a sort of "blind division" that's part of a larger disabled dating site. Participation is limited, it would seem. Few choices are presented and the site seems fairly inactive.

I am seeking a blind/V.I.-specific site for finding casual sex, dating and perhaps...romance. No, I'm not looking for a life partner, so places like e-harmonry etc. won't do. Also, I don't need to deal with a lot of dumb questions and misperceptions from people who don't understand blindness.

Any ideas?

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Re:Q: Internet resources for dating/sex that are blind-oriented?

Wouldn't it be a better idea to go outside and find someone that way? trust me, dating offline is better then online. You're looking in the wrong place. but, if you must look the zone has a good selection of boys. It's not a dating specific site, it's actually another social network but that's all that seems to really ever happen on there, love, drama and romances.

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