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Question about attraction, sex and love

Hi, I am a journalist student currently doing research for a feature about sex and love in a world that seams to be obsessed with looks. The feature will count towards my final degree. I am looking for blind people whom I can quote and who are willing to answer/speculate about the following questions:
What attracts you to somebody?
What turnes you on?
Do looks/shapes matter?
What is love?
My deadline is in a week, so please feel free to contact me on
Thanks a lot.

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Re: Question about attraction, sex and love

I found someone through a Craigslist Ad. We talk daily through Email, Phone & Texting though we have not yet met. I live in Nevada and he in Hawaii but I am saving money to relocate. All I know of his apearance is what he has told me and will not know til I touch him for the 1st time but I can hear sincerity in peoples voices and am sure he is real.

Re:Question about attraction, sex and love

Haha, my family always tells me I'll end up with a really ugly guy. I am only 16 so I don't think i can tell you exacly how I feel about love. But I can definitely tell how I feel as a teenage gril who seems to fall for every other guy I meet. No, I don't think about what he looks like. My friends always tell me I'm lucky that way. I can't say I wouldn't be a little weirded out if my friend was to tell me that he was completely ugly, but I don't think it would ever matter in the end. When I get to know someone I don't think about what they look like. I always imagine what they look like, so they can look however I want. So no, I do not care at all what I guy looks like, and I don't think about it. I am attracted to guys who are sweet. As a high school student, guys have the tendency to not know how to act around a visually impaired persons, so I'm attracted to the ones who treat me just like everyone else. They have to be funny and be willing to joke about my disability just as I do. And this way be funny, but its not a must, I'll take any guy who is sweet and follows my other criteria, but I do like guys with certain voices. Voices that are clear and sweet, and sexy (LOL). I hope this helps.

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