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Question about decorating a cane

Hello everyone! I am about to enter into college and am planning to major in music education. I'm also going to get a new cane for college. I'm hoping to make it look better than the regular white and red cane, and would like it to have something musical on it. Do you all have any ideas on how to decorate it? How do you decorate your cane of a cane in general ( I'm a fairly new cane user)? Thanks!!!

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Re: Question about decorating a cane

I just got mine and asked my O & M about what is appropriate cane decoration he said it varies from person to person but he recommends things that are easily removeable so that if they become a hinderance you can remove them. Like I got some Ty Beanie baby clips for different seasons to clip on the end in pink right now but I plan on getting a few bat ones and ghosties for Halloween and reindeer for the winter holidays and such. You could probably find some things that would work at craft stores that would be easy to remove but also be pretty cool.

Re: Question about decorating a cane

It depends on how how reversible you want the decorations for your cane are. You can attach stickers to the body or hand something off the cord.

However, I should mention that adding too many decorations can make it a distraction. One of my clients has his entire cane wrapped up in Christmas lights.

Another option, if you want to try different colours, is Ambutech.

they now produce canes where the handles and tips are a variety of colours (neon blue, neon green, neon pink and neon orange). They also make one where the shaft is also a matching colour, instead of white and red.

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