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Question about making a video 508 compliant

Hello, I am working a video series that I was wondering if someone could help in answering a question. The video series is of presenters at a conference and throughout, they refer to their powerpoint slides. I have the powerpoints with and without voiceover. Do I simply make these available to the user? How does the user know which slide they are on? Do I cut the video and insert the slide with the voiceover even though they are referring to it? Sorry for my lack of knowledge here, but really want to understand the best way to do it.

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Re:Question about making a video 508 compliant

Being a presenter myself, I have a lot of experience with making powerpoints compliant.
It depends on your target population. One thing I have done to keep track of my own slides I created an outline and kept a braille hardcopy on the podium while I presented. Descriptions of pictures are also helpful. You can also have slides printed out for those who read large print ant want to have a good closeup.
Hope this Helps

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