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Questions about blindness & strokes

my husband had a stroke on 2/27/05 and had a craneotomy on 3/6/05 - since surgery he is now considered blind - he says that he can see shadows and some light but the neurologist says that he sees things but they are not processing in his brain to what they are. If anyone knows of something that my husband could do would be much appreciated.

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Re:Questions about blindness & strokes

What was the outcome of this. My fiance was diagnosed with Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis 2 months ago which put him in a comma. He then had two stroke one on left and one on right side of brain. He was recently released from rehab after 2 full months in the hosp and rehab and is physically doing well except his vision has not returned. They do no know why. He will have an appointment with the Neuro Op soon. Has anyone ever been through this?

Re:Questions about blindness & strokes

I understand exactly how you feel my daughter 21 had a mini stroke within 2 weeks she went completely blind no explanations or diagnosis as angry as you feel don't give up I am going to make this my life ambition now to find out why.

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