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Questions Regarding Dreams

I am working on a science project to gain a better understanding of blindness. I had a few questions, I appreciate your time and consideration.
Do you see visions in your dreams if you were born blind?
If you were not born blind, do you see visions?
Does your dream have any form of a picture?
Does your dream have any form of color?

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Re: Questions Regarding Dreams

Doing a research project means researching from a variety of sources.
You are computer literate. So, you know that when you search on, say, "dreams of blind people" you get the following links to academic research.
You also get a link to a message which appeared on this very site asking the same question you asked. There are lots of responses from blind folks.
Search engines can provide such a lot of information.
Q & A: Do blind people dream? | Department of Physics | …

Re: Questions Regarding Dreams

You might find this previous post helpful.

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