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re guide dog harness

I use a guide dog from a wheel chair. An off set handle does not work well for me as the harness tends to slip to one side.A strait handle does the same.I modified my handle by adding a 3" piece of chain to the ring on the harness that the handle hooks to. It would be nice if the handle could just be made 3" longer on the left side. This does prevent the harness from slipping to one side and being crooked on the dog. I am sure tis would be more comfortable for the dog and give better feedback to the handler. My handle is a strait handle.

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Re:re guide dog harness

I also use my guide dog from a wheelchair,and have the same problem with the harness pulling to one side. I also added the chain to one side. This does take care of the problem. I have tried to get the harness makers to just make the handle longer on that side but they tell me to get an ofset handle. They are not the one using the harness handle,I am. I know what works, why can't they just try it and see. It does solve the problem.

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