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hello ,everyone
i am a student of central St. martins.
we are having a project at the moment, and i am really interesting on designing a clothing for deaf people.
i got so much passion of life from deaf people.

so i just wondering if anyone can give me some suggestions of what kind of clothing you want to wear?
just tell you what you really need?

thank you very much!

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The message you sent talks about deaf people and clothing. I imagine they react visually the same as anyone else with vision would to clothing. If you meant blind people and clothing, I go with somebody whose fashion sense I trust when I shop. Other than that, I pick garments which are easy to care for (I like natural fabrics personally such as cotton or silk and avoid linen which wrinkles too much but that is just me). Other than that, I like textures but go with advice from sighted folks I trust when shopping. I wear comfortable well-made fashionable garments. I do things like check seams to know how well a garment is made.

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