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Recently Decalerd Legally blind, would like advice, please.

My name is Jen and I am 23. I was just recently declared legally blind. I have no idea where to start. I don't know who to get into programs that will provide transportation,m how to get a job that i can do. and just general living. i am engaged and i hope to marry soon and have kids. any advice I can get would be so helpful and greatly appreciated. I am determined not to let this drag me down.

- Jen

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Re:Recently Decalerd Legally blind, would like advice, please.

All the above advice is great. I am in Virginia. I became legally blind about 4 years ago. I was a graphic designer, so I really had to retire on disability. Social Security was very nice to me - they don't argue about whether or not you are disabled when you're blind. (smile) DBVI sent me back to school to finish my Fine Arts degree and get teaching certification - I'm having a great time!I am still adjusting, but I learn something new all the time. I try to see this as God just wanting me to see the world from a different point of view. Everything happens for a reason - to lead us where we need to go - and that place will always be good if we let it. Sometimes part of that hurts - but hang in there. Talking to other people in the same boat saves me! Good luck!

Re:Recently Decalerd Legally blind, would like advice, please.

I remember the feeling in my stomach when I left the Dr’s office three years ago. I felt like my life was over. I was engaged at the time and tried to convince my then fiancé to call off the wedding. I had convinced myself that my life was over. I didn’t think I would ever experience the joys of motherhood, hold a job, be independent, or enjoy life period. Its not easy, and you will never hear someone say it is, but its do-able! My life may be different, but I love it. I promise you will adjust sooner than you think. Remember to surround yourself with positive people, seek out others with sight problems that you can talk to, and do some research. There are a lot of programs, agencies, and centers that can help. Start with your local unemployment agency, social services, and there should be a state department that assists handicapped individuals. I assure you there is a still a lot of life to live.

Re:Recently Decalerd Legally blind, would like advice, please.


As it has already been mentioned the Dept of Vocational Rebilitation is the place to start. They will assist you in finding the low vision aids you need. V.R. will also help in finding you meaningful employment, as well .

I empathize with your situation as I was in your shoes three years ago and I understand the frustration you feel. Are you still employed at the moment or have you lost your job? I would look into the Social Services too, they will help you to temporarely stabilize your situation until something more permanant is in place.

Finally don't forget to ask your Doctor for his help and assistance.

Best Wishes to you, Hang in their!

Re:Recently Decalerd Legally blind, would like advice, please.

Great advice, rehab which is an agency that helps disabled people get employed is a big help. It's official name is the department of rehabilitation. Most counties in the US have an office, california has plenty.
You have a positive attitude and since you are engaged it seems like you are on the right path to having a family and kids. I am also 23 and hope for that too.
good luck and I wish you well.

Re:Recently Decalerd Legally blind, would like advice, please.

get a hold of any agency that deals with handicapped people in general. They can give you info about where to go. you should have a vocational rehab agency at the state unemployment office in your area. they really helped me! Your local library can get you in touch with your state library for talking books. Here in Indiana we have a WILL center. (wabash indepentant living and learning center) There is a lot out there if you only 'look'. Keep up the good attitude and you'll go far! I wish you well!

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