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Restaurants w/ Braille Menus

Hello, I am working on a proposal that would provide Braille menus at the restaurant where I work. I wanted to include personal experiences and opinions from people on restaurants with Braille menus versus those that do not have them. Anything will help. Thank You!!!!

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Re: Restaurants w/ Braille Menus

I believe that the Oliver Garden has Braille menus for the blind though I dont read braille myself.


Re:Restaurants w/ Braille Menus

Please contact me for your Braille Menu needs! We already provide Braille/Large Print menus for IHOP, Denny's, Black-Eyed Pea, Perkins Restaurants, etc. my email address is Thank you!

Re:Restaurants w/ Braille Menus

Believe it or not for a large region such as southern California, there are just a few restaurants with braille menues. Olive Garden has only one in the whole restaurant. It is terribly out dated. We ask them to call Braille institute to have their press department make up an updated one or two?
IHOP used to have them, but no longer carry them.
Some staff at restuarants never heard of the braille system. They look at you like you are from outer space.
Carl's jr. used to carry them too, but they stop that one.
The Mc Donald's next across from the Los Angeles Braille institute used to carry their menu in large print and braille, but their items change and they aren't keeping up with the change.
It takes a lot of advocating for ourselves to have this service implemented.
Restaurant personel want to know where they can go to have them printed and how much it will cost them for that service.
How do they transport their menues and who will pick them up when they are ready.
If you want to start a service like this in your immediate area, research your resources and propose this to the various managers. This will help them be more open to your suggestions, because they don't know where to turn especially if they don't understand that we would like a certain amount of independence when it comes to choosing our meals in restaurants.
Arm yourself.
Good luck hope that who ever you talk to helps you out.


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