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retina vitrectomy

I underwent a retina vitrectomy on Monday July 23rd 2007
The patch was removed on Tuesday and my doctor examined my eye and said
that the procedure looked fine. But I was floored that I couldn’t see anything at all in this eye. I wasn’t expecting this nor was I warned about this. I still have not regained the sight in this eye. This scares me and don’t know who to talk to. I talked to my doctor and he told me that he wasn’t sure when my vision would return and it seems like he didn’t really want to talk about my recovery if any.

I am a type 2 diabetic and have received a total of 8 laser surgeries four in each eye over the last three years. Can anyone tell me anything?

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Re:retina vitrectomy

I am a tech in the business for over 28 years, I hear this complaint alot from patients that visit us from other retina practices. First it is not a Sonogram, There is a ultrasound B-scan that is done at times to se if there is a detachment of th retina. But this really doesn't give much information other than that. If you had previous Laser treatment and your vision was poor even after that treatment, then you have a hemmorage. Your vision will only improve as good as as vision was prior to the vitrectomy. Remember Laser burns your retina which causes your retina to scar. but with out it your vision will go that much faster. My advice would be before vitrectomy wait 1-2 months to see if the blood clears then get a second opinion to see if your retina is leaking then either do more laser or the vitrectomy.. Some times the hemorage clears in time. Hope this helps.

Re:retina vitrectomy

My mom is a type 2 diabetic and always had 20/20 vision. last feb. she found out she had proliferative retinapathy. She had some laser tx and had a vitrectomy in her left eye , november of this year. She sees some light in that eye and a lot of floaters. She has very little sight in her right eye. yesterday she could not see at all and is taking this so bad. It is so hard to see my mom go through this. she is honestly the nicest person you would ever want to meet. She would give anybody her last dime.. whoever meets her loves her. I couldn't take seeing my mom go through this. She thought she was blind because she saw black. Later that night her right eye she was able to see images. I was trying to comfort her and tell her thats god's way of showing her to have faith. i called her doctor and he said it probably is a hemorrage and we have to talk about another vitrectomy on her right eye, what do i do. i am so scared and sad.. its been a month since her vitrectomy in her left eye. how long does it take for her to know if the vitrectomy was successful. the doctor keeps saying we have to wait and see. she had a gas bubble placed in that eye. seeing my mom go through this is so painful for me. i could only imagine what she is feeling. please someone help.

Re:retina vitrectomy

Well… this happened to me. I had the surgery and my doctor told me the same thing. After the 4th visit he did a sonogram on my eye. And the surgery did not work. Tell your doctor to give you a sonogram, and if he won't do it; find a doctor who will. After a while the pain was so bad in that eye, I had a vatrictamy (removing the eye) and got an artificial eye.
I hope this is not the case with you, good luck.

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