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Retinal tear and sports (mountain bike)

I am 32 years old, when I was young I had about 6.00 diopters of myopia in each eye and ten years ago I had LASIK surgery. For some time my vision was 20/20 but the myopia came back and now I also have strong astygmatism caused by keratoconus. I wear contacts which correct me well enough to drive and lead a normal life. I love mountain biking even though I´m subject to moderate vibrations from the road and aerobic physical exertion.
I have been told that I´m at increased risk of retinal tear, and that I have an old lattice tear, which hasn´t advanced for 1.5 years
I check my retinas by a specialist every six months, and describe in detail to her my mountain biking routine. she has told me that I´m in no severe risk of retinal tear.

However I have heard a couple stories of people that due to the vibrations or blows from mountain biking have teared their retinas. I (of course) wear a helmet and consider the vibrations from the road to be moderate (my bike has suspension both in front and in the back).
should I avoid mountain biking? can I run or swim?

thanks in advance

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Re:Retinal tear and sports (mountain bike)

nice to read it, very descriptive and informative article... thanks guys

Re:Retinal tear and sports (mountain bike)

I was a mountain biker myself. I had a retinal detachment 6 months ago, which led to optic nerve damage and a loss to my central vision. I had a non-truamatic detachment. Honestly if I had known before that this would have happened I would have stopped. I have since stopped riding my mountain bike. The DR doesnt think it will cause any problems but I just dont want to take any chances! I cannot say that riding caused my eye problems, but Im sure it didnt help

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