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Retinal Transplants for people with RP

I have suffered from RP for most of my adult life. My vision is starting to decrease after many years of remission, I am wondering are there any doctors doin Retinal Transplants for RP patients??? It is getting harder and harder to deal with this.

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Re:Retinal Transplants for people with RP

I actually was reading about transplants on Google and that is what lead me to this site. I have a friend who has RP and has been legally blind for years. His eyesight seems to be deterorating this year and I think he is loosing the remainder of his sight this year. Being a sighed person, I don't know what I can do or say, but wish I could do something. I know he has said there is nothing that could be done that retinal cells do not regenerate. Google had mentioned a study with lab mice that showed that may not be true. I would like to help anyway I can to find a cure.

Re:Retinal Transplants for people with RP

my father has rp for the last 30 years ,he is 65 now.three of his brothers also have it.he has four other brothers and a sister with perfect sight.i admire them because it dont bother them one bit.all my generation are fine thank god all in around 30 to 40 age bracket.

Re:Retinal Transplants for people with RP

I was told I had RP in my early 30's I am now 64 stopped driving 3 years ago, My central vision is pretty good, but left eye is worse than right eye. My side vision is pretty bad, I have trouble with walking in places I am not familer with. I have a cane, but don't use it, naughty me! I have research and research many years for info about anything that would help, but to no avail. Curves are , I can't see good, unless they are a bright color, like yellow or red, I lve in Maryland and would love to correspond more with you and others with our RP problems, You can e mail me at

Re:Retinal Transplants for people with RP

There are no retina transplants. I have researched this and ask my doctors and the retina is just to difficult to transplant. They are trying many thing like the artificial retina, and there are many different ways scientist are working on. When searching the internet, search for artificial retina and you can get info from many sites.
Good luck

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