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Seeking a pen pal and/or friend.

Hi There:
I’m seeking a female pen pal and a possible new friend to talk to. A true friend in these days is not that easily found, but with enough time, effort, trust, sharing, openness, and honesty, then having a true friend is possible. I’m a 60 year old single white male, never married. I’m a Christian and don’t drink nor smoke. I’m a sighted person that attends a Baptist church. I have no children and I have never been married. I came close twice to marriage in my life but got cold feet. I have neuropathy, lymphedema, and have epilepsy. I’m on SSI. I enjoy pen paling and talking on the phone with others and can call someone toll free. I’m an open person. I hope to hear from some woman to be friends with. Bob E-mail me at,

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Re:Seeking a pen pal and/or friend.

i need a nice a lady for marriage between 18-30

Re:Seeking a pen pal and/or friend.

i believe he said in his post that he is sighted.

Re:Seeking a pen pal and/or friend.

It's bob right? so are you blind or as they say 'legally blind'?

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