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I am a psychologist treating a gentlemen who has blinded himself in both eyes. Although he denies this, physicians can find no other cause for his blindness. Does anyone have info on self-blinding? Thank you

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Re: self-blinding

I was blinded in Viet Nam not by my own choice in 1969 I cant imagine anyone blinding themselves I have adapted to blindness but still cant understand WHY someone would do this, is the person mentally ill?

Re: self-blinding

I don't know much about self blinding, but I do love psychology. It could be that he has something that can't bedd not be recognized by a general opthemologist. Has he been seen by any sort of specialist? Unless he is otherwise mentally unstable, I can't begin to guess what his motives would have been.

Re: self-blinding

I have worked with a client who did blind himself... however, he was a schizophrenic who had stopped taking his medication, and he believed God told him to poke his own eyes out with a fork. In that particular case, the cause of his vision loss was quickly diagnosed.

What exactly are the physicians saying are the cause of the vision loss? Is it physical trauma, or something else? You mentioned he is denying that he caused his vision loss, but is there any evidence to indicate it was an accident? (Perhaps he though he was putting eyedrops into his eyes, but the drops may have accidently been contaminated with something).

Re: self-blinding

HI there,
This sounds like a very unfortunate case -- however, I'm sure that everyone on this board can assure you that your patient's life can be just as fulfilling without his/her vision, assuming that s/he is feelling well otherwise. Does anyone else want to jump in?
- Michelle, AFB intern

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