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Shopping for loved ones


We all know what time of year this is, and we don't mind receiving gifts, but just because we're blind doesn't mean we can't give... Question is how does one who is blind shop for a loved one? I'm presenting this from personal experience... I was on my iPhone looking for a last minute gift for my wife, and I thought she might like a nice dress, so I checked out Macy's along with a few others, but I wasn't quite sure what to look for. Some of the items on the pages were ok with their descriptions, but not being able to see the items didn't make it any easier. I was just wondering if anyone who is blind has tips they would like to share on shopping for clothes online for themselves, or their loved ones. Thanks!

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Re: Shopping for loved ones

Really great question. I'm eager to hear responses, especially when it comes to online shopping.

My first thought when it comes to buying a dress or other clothing piece for a loved one is to know where they like to shop (gives you knowledge of their personal style) and of course, sizes. Let's say your wife loves Ann Taylor LOFT...head to the store and ask a sales associate for suggestions. She'll be able to help piece together an outfit, find a matching necklace for the dress, etc. They'll be able to help you the most if you tell them her coloring and body shape...better yet, show them a picture of her.

This would be helpful for many sighted men too!!

*Loving this question. I'll turn it into a blog, maybe for next holiday season.

Shannon Carollo

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