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Should a sighted person learn Braille?

Hey everyone! I do not have an eye condition but I do have an inner ear condition. I know what it is like to start losing capabilities in the senses.
Recently, I have become interested in learning Braille. Is that even something a sighted person should try to learn? Is it worth the time and effort? Is there a possible job market for such a skill or a need for a sighted person with Braille knowledge/reading capabilities? Thanks!!

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Re: Should a sighted person learn Braille?

Ngthaninet, what do you mean? Sorry, just now seeing your post.

Re: Should a sighted person learn Braille?

Thank you!

Re: Should a sighted person learn Braille?

Braille??? you should thinking a loud

Re: Should a sighted person learn Braille?

There are opportunities for someone who knows braille, usually as a transcriber or something to the effect. Most of the positions I know are volunteer, though.

It depends on why you are learning it. I know how to sight-read braille because sometimes my students hand in their homework in braille. To learn the basics of grade one braille, there is about 40 characters to remember. 26 characters, a few punctuation marks, marks to indicate numbers or capitalization. The symbol for numbers are based off letters A to J

While learning the skill may be useful, computers can output it in braille much faster than a human can. And it can even be typed in with a regular keyboard and converted via Duxbury.

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