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Sighted guy, looking for a serious date, romance, friends, penpals, everything

Hello everyone,

Well to make the long story short. My name is Jacob, i'm about 27 years old. I'm not blind and never had a problem with my sight but the greatest relationship i ever had in my life was with a blind and beautiful girl. also one of my best friends is a blind person who i really care for. Please accept my apologies that i mention this but i've seen so many people rejecting a blind girl just because of her sight, while she is ten times more beautiful in appearance and in heart than any other sighted girl, and this nonsense annoys me deeply.

anyway, I'm at work and kinda distracted, not sure what i'm writing hahaaa... but in one sentence, i'm looking for blind friends, and if lucky, maybe a lovely lady who would give me a chance and honor me for dinner or something.

By the way, I'm not an American, I'm half Russian half Turksih and I'm in Ukraine right now. I'm kinda a business man and I travel to different countries at least once a month, but if anyone was interested I can surely give the job a rest and visit them whenever they are :) i'm already almost all the time on the airplane anyway. Oh and in case you are wondering, my business is publishing online video games in different countries.

My Email:
Feel free to contact me :)


please let me know if anyone was interested.

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