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significant retinal scaring Any new possibilities

My son had a severe eye injury 4 years ago. He had severe retinal scarring among other things including a traumatic cataract and lens removal. His eye has started to atrophy along with his optic nerve. Are there any new treatments out there?? Will an implantable lens be of any help?? Any help or referals would be great. Location and cost do not matter

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Re:significant retinal scaring Any new possibilities

15-20 years ago my wife experienced a permanent black spot in her right eye. Subsequent investigation found that this was the result of 3 bleeds in the centre of the retina and was told that her peripheral vision would be permanent. Has any succesful treatment since been found to cure this?

Re:significant retinal scaring Any new possibilities

Hello, my name is Michelle. I believe I have a very similar situation as your son. At 16, I was hit in the eye with a bottle rocket (I am a 4th of July statistic!). I had a traumatic cataract, which was removed, along with my natural lens. I also had a surgery to tighten the muscles to center my pupil. I have only extremely blurred periferal vision in my injured eye due to scarring of the retina. I am not sure how old your son is but I just wanted to provide some reassurance that this is not the end of the world. I have since earned my undergraduate degree and my Masters, I am 38 and married with a 4 month old little girl. Although I would love to have my vision back and will continue to search for new procedures, this has not hindered my life. Continue to seach new treatments but let your son know he should not be hindered by his injury

Re:significant retinal scaring Any new possibilities

I'm a retired retina surgeon. When there is loss of retinal tissue due to scarring, it cannot be replaced: it does not regenerate. Optic atrophy occurs when there is considerable loss of retinal tissue. This is because the optic nerve connects the retina to the visual cortex. When there is a large amount of loss of retinal function, the connecting optic nerve dies (atrophy) also. You must have seen a retina specialist; if you have and your questions aren't answered, see another one! Dr. Richard in Oregon 10/05/2008

Re:significant retinal scaring Any new possibilities

HI, I am a District Governor for a Lion's Club district in Oregon and was reading your post. I am forwarding your message to Dr. Richard Chenoweth who may or may not be able to answer your question. If you don't hear from him right away it will be because he is often out of the country . His direct email is: I am also sending this to our Oregon Eye Bank director, Barbara Crow who may have some information for you also. Good luck with your inquiry.

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