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sleeping problems

I have a son that is 5 and he has Optic Nerve Hypoplasia.He has very irregular sleeping habits, and has a hard time with a regular sleeping pattern.Does anyone have any suggestions that might help us both geet a good nights rest ?

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sleep and exercise

Is your son physically active? Does he exercise? Walk or hike? Bicycle or use a stationary bike? One of the best things my mother did when I was a child was introduce me to exercise. Just because I was blind I particularly needed to find things I could do. She knew I was being left out of gym class. She found someone who gave me lessons in figure skating. Where we lived, there was lots of ice skating. I was able to participate with other children. It is a very happy memory of my childhood. Exercise and good nutrition may be valuable. Whether they help with sleep or just help him feel good about himself, these things may be a start.

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