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sleeping troubles

I'm working with an one year old blind boy who has many sleeping troubles. The doctors said that "blind people" has olways sleeping troubles, but I've never see an case like this one. ¿is it true? wthat's the realion between blidness and mielinisation?

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Re: sleeping troubles

I have visual migrains which I see 24/7 and makes sleep diffiult. I go to my local Chinatown and get an herbal sleeping remedy but you can use camomile tea found in your grocery store to help you relax.

Re:sleeping troubles

I think it's a very common problem. A partial solution might be, according to the article. Of course, a doctor would have to be consulted.

Re:sleeping troubles

We used>G-Monster Saturday night; I used one serving and so did my girlfriend. My girlfriend got totally different effects from the product than I did. I just got relaxed and chill; as I do when I did a cap of scoop, but my girlfriend said it was too trippy for her, if we were at a club I think she would have wigged out. Should she cut down the dosage or do women feel different effects from some products than men?

Re:sleping troubles

I am legally blind fro glaucoma & have had sleep disorders for about the las 10 years. I found an article on the WEB under Glaucoma, Whats new. It stated that recent studies found that people with optic never damage or diseases were very likely to have problems with sleep! This is brand new evidence & may explain why the doctors & specialists I've seen had no clue. Another problem is that most of sleep aid medicines are NOT to be taken by someone with certain eye problems.

Re:sleping troubles


I too am blind, and have trouble going to sleep at night, and am usually very tired during the day.

Melatonin, and Sleep Patterns among the blind

From the studies I have read, sleep patterns of individuals who have no light especially children are often irregular. This is more common among those who do not maintain a specific time schedule for sleeping. Children who nap during the day for long periods of time, or those who for some reason get there schedules off track (they had to study for a test, they were traveling, up during the night for some reason).

Sleep patterns are regulated for most people by light. The brain produces more of a specific chemical when there is no sun because it has become dark outside. I beleive the chemical is called Saratonin. What it does is send a signal to the brain that it is time to become calm, wind down, and get ready for sleep.

Those who are blind and can not detect the presence of the sun, or lack of, often do not produce enough of this chemical for their bodies to regulate when it is time to sleep, and when it is not. Melatonin, is an herb based chemical that assists in this process. You take it when you want to get ready for bed... for your brain to begin to let go of the business of the day and prepare for rest. Unlike other sleep aides it does not make you feel drugged at all, is not addictive and can be taken with most medications. Some people should not take it, for example those with known thyroid problems. You should ask your doctor about it, and use it only when you are having a hard time falling asleep. Melatonin will not be enough to regulate sleep patterns if a tight sleep schedule is not attempted. Parents of young children who have this problem might want to maintain the same sleep pattern during the weekends, and holidays, including summer break. Also avoid napping for long periods during the day.

Again, Melatonin is what has been used in the past, to help regulate sleep. It can be found at Wal Mart, K-Mart, and almost any other place that carries herbs.

Sleeping problems

My sister is confused about night and day it seems. She takes Kava Kava and believes it helps. That's made from the root of a plant called Ava. There have been some recent studies that think it kills brain cells. so she's probably losing sleep over that. Right now she doesn't have a clock or watch so she doesn't know what time it is. I think that would help. she has a lot of energy to burn and would probably benefit from more physical activity during the day. But try and tell her that. My boyfriend says I should tell you she barks like a dog (someone taught her that at the living skills school she went to a couple years ago) at night and sings like a nightengale. She drives us CRAZY!

I sometimes have the sameproblems.

My name is Jordan. I'm 19 years old. I'm also blind. A lot of the times I have sleeping troubles. But, when I do my mom gives me night quil instead of Melinova which does nothing. But, of course you would have to see a doctor.

I've seen that problem, too

I think it's a very common problem. There was an article about a study in JVIB last year that was very interesting. A partial solution might be, according to the articl end a couple of friends who have tried it, taking melanoma. Of course, a doctor would have to be consulted, especially for a child .

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