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So I'm slightly terrified.

For a few years now, my yearly trips to the optometrist have yielded yet another set of prescription lenses, steadily getting stinger and stronger. Recently, I've not been able to see far past 5 or 6 feet, even with my glasses on, and seeing in the dark is pretty much a mythical creature lately (2-3 months). I'm kinda scared to bring this up with my mom or my optometrist, because with my luck, it'll be nothing and I will be mocked for crying wolf. Can anyone relate, even a little bit? Advice would be AWESOME too.

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Re:So I'm slightly terrified.

In my right eye, I thought I was just color blind, but only in that eye. Thing is, after three-four hours sitting there, shutting one eye then the other, it was really one color actually being another, it was everything the same, just darker. And it refuses to pick up ambient light when everything else is in darkness, like stars or reflections and such... But only in the center o my vision. And the same thing is creeping up on my left eye. But, on a positive note, I do have an eye doctor appointment in about two weeks, so I really hope it's not a detached retina...

Also! I did start taking note of when things go awry and saving them in my phone. I'm super forgetful, and I never wouldve thought of that. Thank you! :)

Re:So I'm slightly terrified.

The sight in my right eye went gradually. My left eye
is still useable (with a contact lens, I'm still functional
with my left eye, hopefully for a long time). Anyway,
back to my right eye. The only symptom I had was a gradual dimming. I needed more and more and brighter
light to be able to read with that eye. It was very gradual. I thought maybe it was cataracts. I am still not 100% sure that it was not actually cataracts.

Anyway, it seemed like it was getting worse faster, so I finally went to an Eye Doctor. They diagnosed it as a Detached Retina. To me, the symptoms did not seem right. Most people see flashing light, etc. Anyway, they
scheduled surgery immediately. The day before the surgery I had an acuity exam and I still was able to see
fairly clearly with the aid of magnification and a machine with bright lighting. Then the surgery. Since then, which is over a year ago, my right eye is not completely blind, but certainly is not very useable. There are 2 forms of distortion which cause every very strong contact lens to not be that useful. Luckily I do not need the bad (right) eye. If my left eye goes later on, I'll probably have to get some type of magnification to be able to read or watch TV. But not completely blind.

The reason why I am posting this is to tell you that the gradual loss of sight might be a detached retina like supposedly mine was. However, I am not 100% sure that I came out ahead due to the surgery. Supposedly I would have gone completely blind without the surgery. However, the eye is largely useless due to side effects of the surgery.

I guess I'd recommend going but go to one of the highly rated places. If I could do it over again, I would go to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

Re:So I'm slightly terrified.

I have head cancer since 2007 lost vision on my right eye and now almost lost vision on my left. Was told after treatment and radiation that I might get blind.
I would like to be prepared to live with in case I do get blind.
I live in Rivervale Bergen County NJ and ould like to take some classes.
Hope to hear from you

Re:So I'm slightly terrified.

I realize that seeking medical help is important, but here's a couple of things that I did when I first realized my eyes were going bad. I started keeping a journal every time I had a problem like, tonight I had trouble seeing even with the porch light on, or I tried to read the clock across the room and couldn't. That way, when I decided to finally talk to my parents and visit an opthalmologist, I was able to say, here's what's been going on. I did wait at least a month before I told anyone because I was scared that once I admitted it it would be real. And also in part I was afraid they wouldn't believe me. But it is important to get help as soon as you feel like you can.

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