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social security and the legally blind

If someone is already collecting social security and the person now is legally blind, can the person collect MORE social security?

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Re:social security and the legally blind

In order to qualify for SSDI or SSI due to blindness, you must back up your claim with proper medical documentation and doctor's recommendations. You must not only prove your disability, but also prove how your disability makes you unable to become gainfully employed at ANY job. I would recommend hiring a Social Security attorney because it is essential to fill out the proper paperwork in the correct manner, and when it comes time to have your hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge, it is good to have a SSD advocate in your corner. I used to help me with my case 2 years ago and wish I had hired an attorney from the get go.

Re:social security and the legally blind

If you are having difficulty with a Social Security disability claim, our forum can help. Find support and information at: http://www.your-social-security-disability-lawyer.....

Re:social security and the legally blind

Some of the info in the last post is faulse. You just can't GET SSI baised on the fact that you are legally blind. I'm legally blind and i had to apeal twice before they ok'd my claim. My advice to you get an attorney from your local legal assistance Corp. They will tell you the proper steps to take in dealing with our messed up governemnt

Re:social security and the legally blind

Is it SSI which is like a supplementary income till you get a job. Its like a form of welfare. SSD is disability which is based on all your past earnings for your entire work history then they average it and you get that income per month.
To qualify for disability you are given many forms to fill out and also forms are sent to your doctors. They then approve or not based on the information gathered. It can take 3-9 months depending. Remember it can take longer. In the mean time you can collect SSI till they approve you.

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