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staying organized while cooking

Hi, im desiging kitchen products for the blind, and I would like to know how easy is it to stay organize while cooking?what techniques do you use, and what kind of products do wish was out on the market now that can help you while cooking .

your help is greatly appriciated, thanks

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Re:staying organized while cooking

Hi, msk5. There actually are products much like you describe! Here is a link to descriptions of various household products that you may find useful:

And here is the contact info for some online, catalog, and brick-and-mortar stores where you can purchase those and other products:

Re:staying organized while cooking

MEASURING CUPS LOL i have the hardest time measuring things because i cant see the markers or labels or whatever you want to call them. i almost wish there was talking ones where you poured milk or water or whatever in the cup and you told it what measurement like a half cup or 1 cup and then it said stop when you reached the measurement or something. idk, just an idea. but yeah measuring stuff is a problem

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