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Students doing a project, need a first hand account

Hello, I'm an undergraduate student at an art college on the east coast majoring in interactive design and game development. I'm working on a project right now that is attempting to visually/sonically interpret hearing, touch, taste and smell from a blind persons perspective. This project is a computer game that may get some very big attention in the hardcore as well as serious game communities.

It is paramount on this project that we can, to the best of our ability, attain a visual/audio style and mechanic that simulates being blind. We are looking for people specifically who have lost vision at some time in their lives, and not people who have been blind since birth.

I would very much like to conduct an interview, preferably over the phone, with anyone willing to help; and not just with one person but with as many as possible. I very much appreciate any assistance you can give me and my team. You would be given great credit in aiding us, and again, we'd very much appreciate your help.

Please respond with your email address if you would like to help, and again, thank you.

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Re:Students doing a project, need a first hand account

Hello, My name is Fern. I don't know if I can be any help, but I play videogames for the blind and for the sighted all the time. I'm mostly into RPG's. have always had really poor sight and am going blind, and yet I still play games for the sighted with friends. I would love to help you if I can. My e-mail is

Re:Students doing a project, need a first hand account

I don't know if I 'qualify' to help- I was born just over the edge of legally blind- I could identify most of the visual world for years- I have since lost most of my remaining vision.

I'm also Deaf, so I relate to the world far differently than hearing blind people.

That said, if I can be of help, nahzee at yahoo dot com.

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