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Stupid mac and cheese

Just Need To Vent...... so i went to the store with my sister to buy a few things and i wanted mac and cheese so we went to the isle and grab the box....from the bottom of course (which i couldnt SEE) and the other box goes tumbling down in a dramatic thump. my sister goes "B (for Brittany) dont do drugs." than laughs in front of the other ppl that were standing there and than says "why would you grab the one from the bottom?" sigh "sorry i couldnt see. i thought it was further up." this may just be a stupid story but to me im holding back tears. my whole family just sees me as a clumsy person and never pay attention anytime anything happens thats the result of my horrid vision. ugh

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Re: Stupid mac and cheese

I would find someone more compassionate to shop with rather than someone who thinks it is okay to embarrass you in public.

Donald The Blind Webmaster
The US Blind Resource Directory

Re: Stupid mac and cheese

been there
for me I blow my top when I think I got what I wanted and find when I get home it's not
example.. oooh those pancakes sound good
get home and they are blueberry (i'm alergic to blueberrys)
my girlfriend tries to cover for me but she knows I feel small when I mess up even the easiest task

Re:Stupid mac and cheese

idk it just seems so hard sometimes even when its just little things like a mere box of mac and cheese

Re:Stupid mac and cheese

I do not think this issue is stupid, you should vocalize your frustrations and you should tell people who are not being helpful and supportive that you need them to be..

Re:Stupid mac and cheese

It is not a stupid story, Brittany. Not at all. And it is always good to have someone to vent to. It is never est to keep things in, believe me...I know.

Although somewhat different, one day while at the grocery store with my wife, my wife dropped an entire box of Kool-Aid packets on teh floor. She then continued on to say, "Why did you do that? You had better pick those up!" Unfortuantely, I have had other loved ones do clumsy things and then pass the blame onto me when other swould show up.

Just hang in there. Try to laugh it off. I know that some thigns feel awkward and some thigns are quite hurtful to you personally, especially when it seems like no one cares or takes notice of the fact that you are blind. The best thing to do, as hard as it may be sometimes, is to pick up and keep on keeping on. There are plenty of people herer who can relate and understand. You are by no means alone.

Just hang in there.

Re:Stupid mac and cheese

yea i try to be strong but its scary to think about going completely bling its like im almost there

Re:Stupid mac and cheese

Hi Brittany. I'd say the limitations dwell more within the lack of consideration and abundance of ignorance possessed by your witnesses; but that's just my opinion.
Just relax, take a breath, and realize stuff happens. Just take your time, and assess situations like that, not only with your eyes, but with your hands if you need to. I guarantee you more sighted people have knocked over things in that store than blind people. I was in a store once, and a sighted lady knocked over a whole display rack of diet pepsi because she wasn't paying attention. Then she got her children, got in her car, and drove home. Don't worry about it. there's no embarrassment or shame in it.
We live in a sighted world built for sighted people by sighted people.
Allow me to offer another perspective. In 1825, a young man invented a way for blind and sighted folks to communicate effectively adapted from a french military code. It took sighted people 150 years to figure out how to apply this method to the outside of elevators; and oh how proud they were.
Maybe the limitations don't find harbor in blind people?
Frustration and anguish are often times catelysts for making things worse. People are going to think what they want, it's our job to educate those who are willing to learn. they are harder to find, but they are out there. It's more difficult when it's family i realize, however, stay positive, and strong and it will get better.

Re:Stupid mac and cheese

Hello Brittaney,

I wanted to let you know that it is not stupid. It serves as a reminder of your limitations. I think your family may be using humor to avoid dwelling on the negativity. I do not say this to justify or excuse them, as it is still hurtful to you, and sometiems it is more helpful to acknowledge the realitly of a situation.
You don't need to apologize for venting about such a profound transition.
If you'd like to email me, feel free.

I am here to listen, as often as you need to write.


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