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suddenly blind at 80 !!

My mother of 80 years has suddenly gone totally blind! Along with her other health issues of end stage c o p d , cong heart fail, afib, and after a month long hospital stay that seemed to make her worse( I know now her health is just in a down spiral) I brought her home to care for her and she took a fall when I was out of the room resulting in a broken ankle and within 2 weeks she was totally blind darkness only. Now her c o p d is worsening and she needs a bipap to be worn all night while sleeping for her breathing to be even close to manageable or tolerable. She's on oxygen 24\7. Bipap is a mask that covers your nose and mouth and connected to your oxygenator and forces air into your lungs at a continuous rate. It can. Be frightening and even feel claustrophobic to some as it was to my mother . She began using it during the hospital stay before the blindness. It is imperative that she use this machine or her co2 levels will get so high she becomes confused anxious shotrt of breath and will eventually suffocate I guess. Now withall of this AND the blindness she's often no ALWAYS scared.and confused most of the time. I don't know how to help her or comfort her Ive been with her 24/7 while she has been at a nursing rehab. She has been so miserable and distraught I've decided to take her home . We were there because of her broken ankle she couldn't walk and weighs 200 lbs. Making it very hard for me to care for her. I needed to learn some techniques for bedpanning and such. I'm her only daughter she lives with me and my husband. (She will be hospice home care.) I guess i m asking who can I reach out too to help us both adjust to this locally or otherwise. I think she would benefit from some mental therapy to understand how why this happened as well as training to learn how to live in the dark. I don't know anyone who is blind or legally blind. Thanks for listening any feedback is deeply appreciated. ....Terry T from Greenville TX.

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Re: suddenly blind at 80 !!

Have you contacted your local agency for working with people with vision loss? They should be able to provide some training, as well as make some other suggestions as it sounds like your mother has a number of health issues.

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