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Surgery for my blind lazy eye

I believe i have been blind since birth. My eye was not lazy as is it now. When i look at my self in the mirror very closely i will release that my eye is moving up and down sometimes. I am 30 and ended my 7 year relationship with a man. I find it very hard to find anyone to interact with at this point now since my eye has gotten really bad. And when i say bad i mean like really BAD it goes all the way out. I will even notice it on that occasion when it does that. Most times my eye is just out, but out enough to notice that it is not aligned with my good eye. I have asked my eye doctor who i try to see at least every year about having a surgery, but he will simply say NO to it and will not even allow me to mention it. I really want to change my doctor because of that but also do not want to do so because i love my doctor.

I am not sure if anyone else on here can share their experience as of how it was for you when you had yours done to correct your lazy eye. Did you have health insurance and did they cover for it or was it something out of pocket? Your input will be greatly appreciated.

I am a very nice girl otherwise i finished college and i try to overcome my lazy eye but i just don't see how anyone would be interested in dating a girl who has an eye that looks the other side. I wouldn't be comfortable dating one either. I dress well and i take good care of my health! I wish i didn't have that lazy eye and i believe i would be the most fun outgoing person ever. It was very hard in college when i had to give presentations and my eyes don't align.

I want to do the surgery so bad at this point but i know as i said if i do go to my doc he will say no to it again. The only reason he is saying no is beaches i might have to do it again, he has no other reason for his decision.

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Re: Surgery for my blind lazy eye

I realise this post is quite old. I think be offensive with it. Dont hide it. Just be really forward and talk about it straight away with the guy. I have a lazy eye and recently i have been thinking so much about it. Its really affecting my life. Its like i feel im disabled. Sorry offensive is tge wrong word, just i mean get it out in the open straight away. This is somethibg ive posted recently on a fb page. "Please can someone advise, for 36 years ive had a lazy eye, I used to wear glasses with a patch over one eye. I stopped wearing them many years ago but its only just dawned on me that my inability to function normally when in public is to do with this, and always has been as a result of ppls reaction to me in the past, or more their reaction to me now that I'm more aware of it. I've struggled with addiction, depression and suicidal tendencies for most of my life and this has hit me like a bus. Its taken several encounters with ppl with eye problems recently that has made me realise my problem, social phobias, lack of co-ordination, balance and many of my health problems has stemmed from this. I don't know how bad it is and never will as i am always in looking out. I've tried filming my eyes to see the extent but cannot see. I feel extremely disabled in life and more mentally so. Ive been thinking about starting to wear the patch again but feel that everything is going to be such an uphill struggle, will always be thinking of this, playing on my mind whenever engaging in eye contact. My anxiety iisextremely high anyway but this is going to treble it. I feel I will always have to live with this never being able to live a normal happy life. Is there anything I can do?

Re: Surgery for my blind lazy eyew

Hi Anna!

My name is Bridgette. I'm 32 and I was born with glaucoma and a lazy eye. I've never had it corrected. Actually, until the past year when I became legally blind, I pretty much functioned as fully sighted. Tough transition for sure - I have a lot to learn . But as for the lazy eye - maybe I'm totally naive, but I really believe that it won't stop the right person from wanting a relationship with me. I suppose it's true that a lot of guys won't go for it. But I've honestly not given it too much thought. You were saying that you felt it wouldn't work for you, roles reversed . But suppose a guy came into your life and he was intelligent, kind, tons of fun, and started to love you unconditionally...but had a lazy eye. We think it would be difficult but I think it could be pretty easy to move past it in the right situation . Everyone has flaws :) Some guys might care, but other guys might care more whether a girl is brunette or slim or thick or tall or have a big butt! Anyway, I hope I'm right. I will say this - and you can probably agree - the lazy eye doesn't keep you from getting HIT on by guys. I think that one thing they really respond to is confidence. Be confident. I bet you ARE a totally awesome, fun girl - OWN it. I'm no expert on relationships - god no - I'm terrible at picking guys! Terrible. But I don't look at my lazy eye when I'm in front of the mirror. I just don't think to. And I spend a lot of time in front of the mirror...I'm totally vain. Unless I'm reminded, I almost never think of my eye. I think the confidence thing is huge. And you can fake it til you make it. What part of the country do you live in? We could totally go cruising for dudes together ;) i don't know much about the corrective surgery options. Would I do it? Maybe. If it was safe and wouldn't endanger my remaining vision. I see you wrote this post awhile ago -- let me know what you decided and how you're doing!

Re: Surgery for my blind lazy eye

Anna, I've had surgery twice for my lazy eye and would rather not publicly write much about it. I've had a lot of ups and downs after surgery so I'd like to contact you about this situation one on one if you'd like.

Re: Surgery for my blind lazy eye

I think there is a lot to what toohyped is saying in that you can't just take one or even several persons word for it and accept it as truth. So go to as many as possible and get their opinions. It is described pretty well here the process of it all. Remember, one that's positive is all it takes. I've been in similar situations with other conditions such as when I had my tonsillectomy. It was the 4th doctor that actually thought it was a no brainer to have one when the ones before him did not.

Re: Surgery for my blind lazy eye

Hey Anna. I just turned 42 and in the same boat as you though I lost the vision in my left eye in 2002 due to diabetic retinopathy. My blind eye goes all over the place and it has effected my confidence as well. I had the surgery you were referring to done in 2006 and it unfortunately did not work for me. It did lessen the amount my eye would pull inward but seems to have made it stray outward more. I've read a few other posts by people on here that had the surgery and they say it worked pretty well. So I'm not sure if I had a crappy doctor or in my case it just couldn't be fixed.

My suggestion to you is to seek a 2nd, 3rd, or even a 4th opinion from other doctors to see what they say. Remember, this is YOUR life. He's not the one who has to live with the problem. Don't let one person tell you NO and that's the end of it just because that's his opinion.

Take care and let me know how things turn out

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