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Surgery? Pit behind the eye? confused!

hi, im a 35 year old male with a problem in my left eye. 6 years ago my eye had blurry vision and i went hospital and they said i had a rare eye condition and that i had a pit behind my eye so they injected a gas bubble in to my eye and the operation was a success, but now 6 years later the problem has returned and i have blurred vision i went back to hospital and they said once again i have fluid leaking in to the back of my eye and also small hemorrhages and they still referred to the 'pit' behind my eye. They said that they could inject the gas bubble again but its up to me and that the procedure might not work and they say it may not have been the procedure that sorted the problem out for me before and that it may have just been luck that it sorted itself out but i doubt this. I dont know what to do as doctors say risks are involved and they dont seem to keen on giving me the procedure but i cant live like this either. Anyone else out there with a pit behind there eye or know what it is? also is fluid and bleeding in the eye dangerous? and should i go for the surgery? im from london, england

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Re:Surgery? Pit behind the eye? confused!

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Re:Surgery? Pit behind the eye? confused!

I think you're talking about the antior chamber of the eye. Most of us have it well all of us really that still have eyes. Mine isn't a pit anymore though since mine is collapsed. but I think you should do what you can. You might have to deal with blindness and if it comes to that then deal with it. That's life for you. Sometimes we don't want to deal with something but we must.

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