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Survey about public toilets

We are working with a group with the Dutch toilet orginasation on an improvement of toilets in public. We need help of people who have bad eyesight or are blind, to improve those toilets.

Greetings Dorus

My email adress, if its not on the website m* The astrix have to be removed, this to prevent hackers.

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Re:Survey about public toilets

Wow! Thank you for caring! First, try not to have steps, as these can be dangerous for the visually impaired. Everything at waist height should be clean, because the blind use their hands to feel along walls. You can "point" the way if you have a band of tiles that are a different texture from the rest of the wall. Toilets that have electric-eye automatic flushing are very helpful, as are motion-activated faucets. Hot air dryers are easier to manage than paper towel dispensers, which necessitate feeling around for a trash receptacle. Cloth towels on a roll aren't good at all, as we can't see if they're soiled. Any signs should be in braille, and should be right about where an average-height blind person would feel them if he or she reached straight out. There should be no unexpected openings in the wall, nor any obstructions where a blind person would normally walk. Try covering your eyes with a good blindfold and feeling your way around an unfamiliar toilet, so you understand better.

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