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The Blind Prayer Minister

I am a blind prayer minister accepting prayer requests from all blind and deaf-blind people of the world regarless of their individual faith or religion.
Please visit and bookmark my site, list it on Facebook & Twitter and if you too have a website, please give me a link. :)
Many Thanks - The Blind Prayer Minister

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Re: The Blind Prayer Minister

I pray that you found your job and a supportive environment it is! My apologies for the delay in response.

Re: The Blind Prayer Minister

I'm legally blind and legally deaf, i living in Linden,nj and lost my job since 2 years because the business went out.I trying to find job but no one wanna accept me .hope you praying for me and help me to find job near of my home as possible.Thank you & God bless you.

Re: The Blind Prayer Minister

I gave that up. Too many religions in the world.
I changed the site into a resource directory for the blind.

Donald The Blind Webmaster
The US Blind Resource Directory

Re: The Blind Prayer Minister

Dear Blind Prayer Minister,
My name is Tamlyn LeVasseur and I've been impressed to reach the blind with a personal testimony of how I received the Baptism of Fire. I have a video on YouTube with Closed Captions in English. Here is the Link:

There is one more video I'd like to make known too for those who are candidates for the bride of Christ. Here is that link:

I would be happy to send the word document to you if you wish. Please let me know if you can help me get this message to the blind.

If you have any other suggestions how I can reach the Lord's people, I'm all ears.

Thanks in advance

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